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Opensoft service DaVinci  celebrated its 5-year anniversary!
Opensoft service DaVinci celebrated its 5-year anniversary!

This November a built-in online design tool designed by an Opensoft team celebrates its 5-year anniversary. 

The built-in online design tool integrated in our Globalprintsites (GPS) e-commerce stores enables design-making, as well as real-feel visualization of every sold product on the store. 

The initial idea of Opensoft regarding the purpose of the DaVinci service was to develop a software tool that would

- provide environment for designing printed products,

- render realistic 3D previews of these products,

- save the finished designs in high-resolution print-ready files.

Today DaVinci provides its clients with an option to design any product with a custom shape, folding, and such special effects as full/spot UV, texture, glitter, metallic or foil. 

To learn more about DaVinci service, visit DaVinci Service.



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